Cindy McCain Affair

Cindy McCain "handling family's business, Hensley and Company. She is wife of Senator John McCain. She is involved in childrens 's health care needs. Cindy has founded the American Voluntary Medical Team in 1988. She is leading number of missions to developing and war-torn countries during the Team's seven-year existence. In 2000, Cindy played role in her husband's run for President of the United States. she was chosen to represent the State of Arizona at the Republican National Convention as the Chairwoman of the Arizona Delegation. She works on the Board of Operation Smile and the Halo Trust, along with several local organizations. She has done her masters in Special Education is from the University of Southern California. Cindy McCain joined the CARE board of directors and the marketing and development committee in 2005
Cindy McCain this week travels to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia to renew her ties to programs like Operation Smile.
Her husband is GOP presidential candidate, her visit should help draw more press
to her international charity work. She will be in Vietnam on Thursday to tour the General Hospital of Khanh Hoa Province and watch the Operation Smile screenings of children, where surgery candidates are chosen. Operation Smile provides funding and support for surgery to correct facial deformities in children. On Friday, she will be in Thailand for a briefing on the United Nations World Food Program, which she also helps with. They will be telling her about their operations in Myanmar.

McCain officials said she also had a stop planned in Cambodia. Officials said that McCain had been concerned that she would not be able to make her regular visits to Asia to support the charities but was encouraged by the campaign to stick with her plans. Some press will be with her.