1) For TCS interview I had worn a new shirt and had fixed a new pen in my shirt pocket. The first technical question, ‘write 8085 program to sort 10 numbers…’ the interviewer was explaining. Mean while I tried to take out my pen from my pocket but the new pen was so tight that it was not coming out at all. I pulled, pulled and pulled for around one minute, but the pen was stuck their like a virus. The other interviewer was enjoying the scene. Ultimately I asked ‘Sir can I have your pen?’
“You should”, came the reply.
With such a situation, who can come out successful?
2) In L&T ‘C’ test, one of my friends solved a ‘C’ program and wrote the output as 200 unfortunately, which was the right answer. But he saw a ‘C’ punter in front of him, who had written 105 as the output for the same program. So he stroke off 200 and wrote 105 beside it.
In the interview, interviewer took his ‘C’ answer sheet and asked ‘how did you get 105 after getting 200?
“Sir, later I thought the answer might be 105 so I changed it to 105”.
“Can you explain how did you get 105 with the given program?”
The candidate was bewildered, he replied
“Sir….. No sir……I……….actually guessed it”
“Why did you guess 105 only?”
“Sir…… because ………105 is my lucky number”
And rest is the history.

3) One candidate went to CTS interview; of course he was a Kannadiga. His was the last interview of the day. The interviewer asked, “Who is the CM of Karnataka?”
The candidate replied with great confidence, “Sir, K. M. Krishnamurthy”.
Ultimately he was selected. By the way K. M. Krishnamurthy was his project batch mate
4) By the end of 2002 I was so obsessed with the film ‘Devdas’ that I had watched it 10 times. In MindTree interview I mimicked “Shahrukh” as Devdas. I had remembered all his dialogues. Interviewers felt really happy and said they never had experienced such an entertainment at interviews. That was my best interview.
5) In some interview, a guy called “Ehtisham” showed different Karate skills in front of the interviewers. [They didn’t take him because they feared one day he might kick them too].
6) For a software company, 9 from our class were short listed for the Ist interview. For 8 of us they asked which programming languages we knew. We said we didn’t know anything except ‘C’. But one guy said he knew many languages and smashed every question that came his way. Unfortunately that guy was rejected. We all were short listed for the next interview. Finally 5 of us were selected for the company.