Time management and goal settings

1. Few things to be kept in mind for effective time management.
a) Do carry a dated diary
b) Allocate, task to the appropriate day and time slot.
c) Make your schedule the previous night, before dinner.
d) Golden rule to plan schedule: Difficult and important work first, trivial will follow.
e) Do not cramp words too much in your diary.
f) Allocate special time for elephant tasks.
g) Make a checklist of to do work.
h) Pen down your ideas immediately as they come.
i) Live up to your commitments.
j) Always reach 20 minutes before the appointed time.
2. If you don’t feel self satisfied by the end of the day.It means you’re wasted time somewhere.
Introspect where? Why?
3. Always write down you goals. Review them after getting up… before going to bed each year, each
month, each day.
4. A goal without action… is a dream.
5. An idea struck while driving… Pull over immediately and jot it down before it dies its natural
6. Each step brings you closer to your goal, however distant it may be.
7. If one still has time left after finishing all the work is called a time manager.
8. We focus on what we don’t want, and most certainly don’t get it; why not focus on what we
9. Saving ‘a few’ now may cost you in thousands later. Time, at times, is precious than money.
10. Why travel for hours. Talk it over the telephone. Time saved is time earned.
11. Begin each work with its finishing time predefined.
12. “Goal Setting"
a) Always write your goals.
b) Give separate sheet to every goal.
c) Avoid doing those tasks, which are not relevant to your goals.
d) Review your goals at least twice a day.
e) If striving for your goal is not fun change it immediately.
f) Always have your goals before your eyes. So why not paste it everywhere. On the bedside, on the
table… Begin every day with the end of the month/year in mind (goals).
1 Creativity and market surveys go hand in hand. If you neglect either of them the
customer will neglect you.
2 The one who hesitates asking for his own money will have to wind up his business soon.
3 Try getting one-time dealers back with you along with the regular ones.
4 First think about your customer's benefit First think about your customer's benefit
5 Less customers with more profits are never better than less profit with more customers.
6 Buyer doesn’t want a description or an explanation. He is more interested in his own
7 Your aim in the beginning should not be 'profit oriented', It should be 'work oriented'.
8 Don't increase prices constantly. It might damage your image.
9 Earning the confidence of the customer is more important than earning profit
10 Ten small buyers are better than one big buyer. Never bank on a single one.
11 People form their opinions by watching others. Many times in Mumbai the producers buy
all the tickets of their own films on the first day and send their dummy viewers for
creating hype… People Beget People.
12 Less price often gives huge profits! Less Price -> higher turnover -> less cost price ->
increased profits.
13 Buyer is more interested in benefits than content.
14 Obviously quality fetches price but beyond a point consumer won't pay.
15 Excusitities are more injurious to you than anyone else.
16 Organizations don’t create leaders, customers do.
17 You may be the best in your business but customers don’t care.
18 Never sue a bankrupt.
19 Never give the break up of your product to your buyer.
20 Always fix boundaries of credit when you supply to a new customers
21 Quality is often overlooked against lesser prices
22 Give them more than they expect and that too cheerfully.
23 If your customer gets indecisive for your product. Don’t compromise anyways; else you’ll
loose your customer.
1 Do you know the names of your roadside sweeper, liftman, guard? If you do, you
surely have made them your friends - True friends.
2 Some people work for themselves and help others too. While some don't do their own
work let alone working for others.
3 Those who give more importance to 'U' than ‘I’ are your friends
4 Others' opinion can sometimes help you take better decision.
5 Always seek others opinion and finally do what is best.
6 A sure shot method making enemies is to tell them 'they are wrong’.
7 Give importance to people you’ll get more in return.
8 A true friend is like the shadow of a tree…. always with him. Even when the tree stands
9 Don’t wait to express your feelings in the obituary.
Say it right away.
10 Power & money brings in friends and takes them away when they go.
11 Can you give out of 1140 minutes per day for thanks giving & one minute for apology?
Well, if you can your life will change magically.
12 If you want to have true friends become one.
13 Most partnerships end up with quarrel.
Simply because you know what you’ve given and forgotten what you've received.
14 A true friend is one who thinks of others’ benefits than his own.
15 Flattery is foolish.
16 Instead of making impression on others, take their impression on you.
a) Speak less, hear more with been interest.
b) Appreciate them instead of criticizing.
c) Hear jokes rather than speaking them.
d) Laugh at their jokes rather than making them laugh at their jokes.
17 Your character is shaped up by the people you move around with. Choose your
company, choose the best company.
18 Taking revenge is 100 times difficult than making friends.
19 Give the best of your hospitality to your guests
1 Time and marriage mould even a vagabond.
2 Alcoholism is not a sign of modernization.
3 Never criticize your spouse.
4 Even uttering those old hackneyed two and half words daily can make your married life
5 Give love first, you'll get all the way more.
6 "You look pretty" a single complement but better than 100 words.
7 Whenever you have some quarrel
never complain before 24 hours....
For there may not be a need later.
8 Just wink during quarrels and it will all be over.
9 Always smile. One can't fight when other smiles.
10 Sex life is much more than what we know.
11 Read a good book on sex education.
12 Sex is not between two bodies it’s between two minds.
13 Call people by names, but create names for your spouse... sweet heart, beautiful, darling...
14 A single critical remark is enough to overshadow the previous 10 compliments.
15 Try seeing things from your spouse's point of view. A '6' could be a.' 9' from his side.
16 Show her she is important for you,she'll love you all the more'.
17 Mention her mistake laughingly.
18 Do not exaggerate his mistake.Laugh at them.
19 An expensive gift may not make a man happy, but a caring gesture is enough to please a
20 If she is annoyed when you forget her birthday,a greeting card is better than ten excuses.
21 A good time manager is one who not only manages his office well but gives time to his family
22 Never sleep with a dispute unresolved.
23 Praise motivates us, praise makes us happy, praise Improves performance for if it does to
us, so it does for others.
24 It’s not in 'doing business from home’ but its 'bringing business tensions at home’ that
creates problem.
25 The best legacy, which one can hand to his family, is education.
26 My wife says I don’t have time for her…. liar. It was last Tuesday, when I reached home
early at 11.30 p.m.
27 It takes less than a minute to thank people.
It takes less than a minute to appreciate them.
It even takes than a minute to apologize them.
And it also takes very less time to buy, small gifts for your loved ones.
28 Listening to the problem of the elderly whole-heartedly is the best solution to their
29 It’s not ‘what you have’ but 'who you have' makes your life worthwhile.
30 I go by myself wherever I please…and my wife has permitted me to say so.
31 Work and wedlock can even change a ‘bad to better’.
32 Expect ingratitude.
33 When she speaks, I listen. When I speak, she listens. And, interestingly enough…we are getting
along perfectly
34 Honor each other’s choice.
35 Do you know her favorite restaurant? And how often do you take her there?
36 Give your meals a special flavor: eat together from the same plate
37 “I am sorry”…three magic words that end all the quarrels; how convenient, yet…how
38 Whenever you get the chance, secretly tease her a little.
39 (H) She left her home, parents and friends for you. All she wants you to leave are your …
40 Show interest in each other’s interests.
41 Look at all his merits, not his flaws, and you will find your ‘Mr. Perfect’.
42 Criticism is a much easier job than appreciation; any fool can criticize, but only the wise
can appreciate.
43 Give advice only if you like being advised
44 Her ‘Mr. Right’ + His ‘Ms. Right’ = A happy marriage!
45 She helps you in business; do you help her at home?
46 Awake your ‘sleeping beauty’ every morning with a…kiss!
47 (H) Take her out shopping …but don’t forget to forget your “wallet” at home!
48 (H) Stop finding flaws in your husband, remember…it’s those flaws that kept him from
getting a better wife!
49 (H) Behind the success of every man, there is a woman. Behind the failure of every man,
there are two.
50 (H) I’m yours forever…or till you’re broke!
51 (H) I’m yours forever… or till you’re no more!
52 Before marriage, he says: “I’ll die for you.
After marriage, he says: “You die, I’ll help you”.
1 Like theory is blind without practical.Knowledge is useless without application.
2 Curiosity is the key to knowledge
3 Education is a necessity when you are young, a need of the middle age and a blessing in old age.
4 A brief quotation may also change one’s life, where hundreds of motivational books have not
5 Learning is like a master key,which can unlock all the locks.
6 Ability to speak is not bestowed upon a certain group of people. Anyone with keen desire can
become a good speaker.
1 Do not ridicule ones dreams.
2 Expect honesty from your employee, only if you are honest to your customers.
3 It is not hard work, but the result that matters.
4 Wise men are everywhere, only we should have the eyes to see them and the brains to wrest
great ideas out of them.
5 Wise gain from misdeeds of others and their own whereas fools from nowhere.
6 Discouraging one's good opinion for once may discourage him forever.
7 The smallest idea of an employee may be larger than his year's salary.
8 Thank right away, you may never get a chance later.
9 It's not what you say, but how you say that matters
10 Encourage right worker’s right work. .
11 Teamwork - works.
12 Trust your men for your trusted future
13 Compare animals, compare articles, but never compare people
14 Praise in public
praise in private
praise promptly
praise even when late.
15 Don't do what you pay your employees for.
16 Even a small error if neglected may become a big mistake.
17 Give the credit of your reward to your employee…..Your employee will give you all the
18 Your employee needs an appreciation… It changes his metabolism.
19 Finding faults in others is like inviting trouble.
20 Don't loose temper. Use temper.
21 If we are greedy for acknowledgement, attention and appreciation, so is our employee.
22 Develop a success ladder for your employee. His benefits for a prosperous career will
motivate him.
23 Leaders may be many but there is just one Gandhi.Know the difference between 'a leader'
and 'the leader'.
24 The work of a leader is to make his carbon copies.
25 A true leader always directs others from 'a place' to 'the best place'.
26 If an employee is caught doing good job he may be convicted for a long-term association.
27 Even miscellaneous work is better than no work.
Always keep your employees busy;
like machines… men also get rusted.
28 He himself works less but gets more work done from others Yes! He is the manager.
29 If you are intelligent, don’t assume the other is a fool.
30 Identify the minutest possible defect during quality check. If there is none, create one.
31 Authority is misused and total authority is totally misused.
32 Speak the language of the employee to make him understand better.
33 A snap followed by a promise and a handshake will encourage your employee to improve.
34 The richer you get the more you are dependent on others.
Whether you trust them or not…choice is yours.
35 If you are looking for an employee with no fault you’ll get none.
36 Try catching your men when they are right instead of when they are wrong.
37 Clarify responsibilities and accountabilities before employing. Keep reminding them from
time to time.
38 At the time of appointment and selection be sure because what you want but let your instinct
take the final decision.
39 Business destiny is in the hands of its employees.
40 Even after paying handsome salaries, do you face problems like unrest, labor walkout,
dharna, strikes…?
Make sure to fix your friends and workers in the union that could indirectly help you…
41 A theft of a rupee soon changes into hundreds and from hundreds to big robberies.
42 Seeking advice from employees inculcates a sense of belongingness.
43 Choose the right people at the right time…
your success is ensured.
44 Thy want results not words.
45 Teach him work but keep the trump card to yourself. Don’t let your employee know all the
secrets of your trade. For once he knows he will be on his own.
46 Never keep others’ employees by paying more.
Pay more and let them continue in the same organizations and try extracting…
47 Dependence fetches love.
Don’t be dependent on others.
Rather let them be dependent on you.
48 Update yourself with the latest labor union transactions. How…
mix your man with them.
49 Don’t employee your friends, for they’ll always agree with you, in order to keep you happy.
50 A dishonest but efficient worker is any day better than honest but naïve one.
51 Divide and rule.
52 Don’t do that work that you’ve kept your employee for.
If you are keeping a dog, let him bark.
53 Friends are appointed for loyalty and not quality.
Assign them jobs, which demand honesty.
1 Advertising is introduction. Quality is retention.
2 Don't give up even if the world pulls you down.
3 Just one more try may put you on the peak.
4 Stop worrying and start doing.
5 Don't give up, for it could be the last straw.
6 A golden egg a day will keep the competitors away but extracting all eggs in a day will keep
customers away.
7 Just one final try could fetch you the deal.
8 Don't give up until you achieve.
9 Keep climbing the stairway.Your next stair could be your stepping to success.
10 The one, who never met failure, doesn't know about his strength.
11 True happiness is not necessarily in achieving success but is surely in getting the job well
12 The roots of perseverance may be bitter, but the fruit is sweet.
13 Remember keeping a balance mind in adversity.
14 Perseverance is to business is what knowledge is to the ignorant.
15 A competent marketing executive takes no time in making the others' successful product a
16 Military battles are fought on the grounds but marketing battles are fought in the mind.
17 Winners do not follow others footsteps, they create their own.
18 Adversity gives experience and experience gives prosperity.
19 Driving on lonely roads doesn't make you a skillful driver.
20 There is never a tomorrow
21 Don't advertise if you can't keep your promise.
22 Never keep a sales girl without a smiling face.
23 Those salesmen who speak more & hear less are a burden for the management.
24 If you want hidden treasure keep digging;who knows, your could just be a hit away.
25 No one has seen tomorrow.
26 Do not cut the same branch on which you are sitting.
27 Even a satisfied peon could be your best salesman.
28 Want to improve sales? Improve service first.
29 Stop cursing and start respecting.
30 Advertising promises…quality fulfills.
31 A frowning face today keeps your customers away.
32 Stop worrying ... start doing.
33 Its not done till it's done.
34 Think less, do more.
35 Cost going up? Sell more.
36 Sometimes a simple graduate manages better than an MBA.
37 Don't make haste, be patient.
38 Its easy to reach to the top but difficult to stay there.
39 Never flaunt your success.
40 The bigger is always safer in a head on collision.
41 The larger sales force the better the sales.
42 Between two companies, God smiles on the larger marketing force.
43 If you are smaller than your competitor…concentrate on a smaller market, to defend.
44 In marketing, quantitative marketing team is better than qualitative marketing team.
45 Wider sales network = more product availability = better sales results.
46 Like money begets money, customer begets customer.
47 A leader has no timetable for victory for if he has and doesn't live up it, he looses his
48 If your decision in business are right for more than 53%….you can surely hit the jackpot at the
stock exchange.
49 How many times you rotate a rupee in the least available time, determines your success as an
50 We prefer a plane because it reaches the destination early. Same should be with business.
"Collaborate with the fastest".
51 If the demand is immense and you also have the specialty, the price tag doesn't matter to the
52 I want sales not stories.
53 Either move ahead or you'll be run over if you try standing in the middle of the road.
54 At every failure you successfully know that this is not your route to success. Have a positive
attitude towards failures.
55 People are crazy for brands for they don't want to experiment new products.
56 Collect statistics first, and then argue on them.
57 Marketing is an art not a system.
58 Marketing, employers, management = Managing people.
Marketing, employees, management = Big business problems.
Hence, are managing people equal to big business problems?
59 Let alone salary and incentive…
provide your marketing team with help & support,
ultimately you are the beneficiary.
60 The fox doesn’t hunt but snatches others pray.
Similarly learn from others skill & hard work
instead of wasting time in giving your own experience.
61 Prefer 1 client X 1 crore
over 10 client X 10 lack.
It’s not just winning but how big a win that makes the difference.
Stress & strain
1 Bury the burden of yesterdays and fearful tomorrows. You are left with just one day and living
for a day, however hard it may be, is not a tough job.
2 Dawn each day.
3 Past cannot be relived. Future is unborn.
So today is the first day for the rest of your life.
Why not celebrate it as your birthday.
Sing the birthday jingle each day.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
4 Each moment is a new beginning.
5 We waste our today for that tomorrow, which no one has seen.
6 We dream about dancing peacocks in the garden of heaven but are indifferent towards the
birds chirping melodiously outside our windows each morning.
7 Life is in the ends of every hour, minute & second.
8 Time is our only sure possession whether we are rich or poor.
9 Ask yourself, when shall I start living? Next year? Tomorrow…Today? This very moment?
10 Prepare your mind for the worst that can possibly happen that will give you immediate peace
and serenity.
11 There steps to banish worries.
A) Figure out the worst that can possibly happen.
B) Mentally prepare yourself to accept the worst.
C) Improve upon the worst.
12 The best way of preparing for tomorrow is to concentrate on today’s work.
13 Plan your tomorrow but control your anxiety.
14 Are you a businessman? Let worry get you… You’ll be no more.
15 When the day dawns, we have piles of work.If we don’t complete them one by one by the end
of the day all will be muddled up and your head will be a confusion box with nothing done.
16 Bury the worry before worry buries you.
17 Put your head into the problem.Before the problem gets into your head.
18 Worries, high blood pressure and heart diseases are the cousins, first cousins.
19 Face the problem boldly before you get wrecked.
20 Do you want to know how hundreds of people were cured of cancer……….
They stopped worrying (Ref. The chicken soup of life, authored by…….)
1 If they trust you, they will follow you blind foldedly. Else even the best of your advice is
2 A leader leads his team as a whole as well as each individual.
3 However competent you are, you can’t do a job single handedly.………. Recognize the
importance of teamwork
4 Never let your face be read
5 Hear more speak less
6 Your short answers and silences bewilder the other person, brief comments add to your
personality. With more words you lose your impressions.
7 Never speak your heart out, hide your emotions. People who blur out at any opportunity are
not saints but are the ones who cannot control their tongue. The art is in hiding sentiments not
in revealing.
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