" Given with all the facilities would you like to work in a team or as an individual?"
"Sir... as.... an individual"
This was my answer when Infosys HR manager had asked me in my first interview. It's not unlikely that you don't do such mistakes in your initial interviews and loose the golden chances. Initially I didn't have even a rough idea about how the campus interviews are conducted, what they require, what to prepare, how to face etc. Those were my series of debacles, which taught me the finer tunes of the interviews. It took me around 10 interviews to finally cross the hurdle. I tell you 10 is a very big number.
I only want that a capable candidate should not suffer because of his ignorance. I don’t want others to follow the series of failures as I underwent. Keeping this point in mind, I have tried to show the inner views of the campus interviews, which are also generalized for walk in interviews. I have tried to portray my experiences, my approaches and the steps that I think are apt for one to succeed.
Here my aim is not just restricted for the people to know only about interviews, but also to aim at improving ones overall personality.
My special thanks to Mr. Syed Salahudddin who encouraged me consistently to take up the project and worked parallely with me to finish this. I owe a great deal to the officer.
I thank all my classmates and hostel mates esp. Mushtaq, Majid, Sawood and Nishant who stood by me and gave their full support and help.
I request you to take these things seriously and read every time before you go for any interview. I also want this material to be forwarded to the people who could get benefited. These are just the views of one person, which might be wrongly interpreted also. So I want you to meet experienced people and try to generalize the things. I wish all the best for your endeavours. Thank you.