Making Pronunciation Easy

1. Absolutely aeb-suh-LOOT-li. I am absolutely sure about my program.
2. Activate AC-ti-vate. Please activate my I card.
3. Actually AEK-chu’uh-li. He could actually read in Hindi.
4. Adjustable ud-JUS-tb-bl. The training time was not adjustable
5. Advantage ud-VAN-tij. It was a mistake which turned out tour advantage
6. Agreement a-GREE-mnt. It was a mutual agreement
7. Already ol-RED-ee. He had already left when I called.
8. Alternative Al-TER-nuh-tiv. He suggested several alternative plans.
9. America uh-MEH-ri-kaa. I am going to America
10. Apologize a-PAUL-a-jize. I apologize for the delay
11. Appreciation a-pree-cee-AY-shn. I received a letter of appreciation from my boss.
12. Appreciate a-PREE-she-ate. I certainly appreciate your generosity
13. Approximate a-PROX-i-mit. Its an approximate solution
14. Asset ASS-set. He’s an asset to the organization.
15. Atmosphere AT-ms-phere. There is an atmosphere of hostility here
16. Available a-VEIL-a-bl. Are the medicines available in the drugstore?
17. Beginning bi-GI-ning. It’s the beginning of our relationship
18. Breakfast BREK-fst. We had bacon and egg for breakfast
19. Buffet BOO-fay/ BUH_fay. The buffet is laid here.
20. Calendar CAL-in-der. There are 12 months in a calendar.
21. Career KH-re-er. My career as a consultant.
22. Catastrophe c't-ASS-truh-fee. The Tsunami brought a huge catastrophe to the coastal areas
23. Comfortable CUMF-t-bl. I am comfortable with the plan.
24. Chores CHOrz. Mom does the household chores
25. Communicate cm-MEW-ni-cate. We need to communicate to the rest of the team as well.