Goldman Sachs Interview questions

Round 1 – Written (Quant, Verbal and Reasoning ability)

Round 2

1) Tell me about yourself

2) Why did you choose "Operations"?

3) What do you know about Goldman Sachs?

4) What do you know about investment banking?

5) What your aims as regards your career?

6) Where do you wanna be after 5 years from now?

7) Tell me about any challenges that you might have faced in your life.

8) Are you comfortable working in night shifts, going abroad?

Round 3 - Technical

1) Let us learn about your background.

2) What do you do when you’re not in college?

3) What are contingent liabilities, how do you treat them in the final accounts?

4) What do you mean by Standard deviation, what is its use?

5) What is the difference between a shift in the demand curve and an increase in demand?

6) What is the difference between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting?

7) For an Investment Banking Company, what are the steps you recommend to better itsd performance?

8) What is Investment Banking and what do you know about GS?

Round 4 - Final

1) Introduce yourself to me

2) How do you motivate somebody to do something?

3) How do you better any process- biz or anything?

4) What is your strength?

5) What is your weakness? How do you intend to change it?

6) Tell me about any challenges that you might have faced, how did you overcome it?

7) Why did you opt for “Operations” division?

8) Tell me about any mistakes that you might have committed in life. How did you rectify it?

9) What are the good leadership qualities a leader must possess?

10) What is Teamwork according to you?

11) Are you comfy in night shifts? How do you intend to adjust yourself to it?