Tips for Job Search:

  1. Update your resume every three days (minimum once a week); updating resume daily on job websites is highly recommended.
  2. Buy a job interview question-answer book and prepare your own answers with book as guideline. Honestly this is the crucial step in whole job process. More you are ready with your best answers, more chances of passing the steps in interview process. You never know what question interviewer will throw at you. So get ready with maximum question answers.
  3. Rehearse your answers with your friends, discussing your answers with the people already in job market is highly recommended.
  4. Keep yourself updated with current technology.
  5. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your seniors or the persons you know in job market. Most of the jobs in market are filled through recommendation.
  6. Always use Google before writing a letter to employer. There are several examples of cover letter and resume. This will help you to express your skills in better way.
  7. Those who want to improve English communication skills – read English newspaper daily, listen to English radio, news, shows, speak in English with your friends.
  8. Always do spell check.
  9. All the best!!!