In campus interviews, there are many people who don’t know much of technical stuff, but by clearing the written, somehow they get into the company by campus interview. It is because they speak great English. I don’t think it’s much different in walk–in interviews. Having good communication skills is an art, which can be mastered by any one. The efficient and flexible person learns it faster. The English you speak should be error free, fluent and clear. It need not be fast. You should be able to convey yourself well before the interviewer.
I know speaking good English is a problem for many engineering guys; it’s a myth that only English medium guys speak good English. It’s also a myth that they don’t rise above a certain level. But I deny that. I studied my primary level in Kannada medium. But I don’t think I was rejected in the interviews because of my communication skills. My flexibility helped me.
What did I do to improve these skills?
I made couple of English speaking friends at the college and used to talk to them for long hours. English movies did help too. Apart from story and action I concentrated on the accent and the way the actors used to deliver the dialogues. Giving pause and timing were very important. I used to stare at newsreaders and imagine myself reading it. I tried to read newspapers in the way they did. Sunit Tandon was really good.
In home I used to tune to discussions, interviews of stars, sportsmen and follow them. Wasim Akram, Srikanth, Shahrukh Khan really inspired me. One can take a leaf out of Harsha’s commentary.
These are some of the ways by which you can improve your English. You can even try other methods.
Before doing any thing you can sit back and think what you have and what you lack. If your grammar is weak get a grammar book and study it from the scratch. If you can’t spell it properly go for dictionary or scripts and work on it, instead of cribbing about it for years. One should always aim at improving oneself. Always tell to yourself “Next year I will be a better person in knowledge, experience, attitude and everything.”
For 8th semester guys it is better late than never, you can start now while others can learn steadily. One should enjoy learning things and not take it as a burden.
Communication skills are very important for engineers and also for management students. So try to overcome your weaknesses. How do you improve is entirely left to you. It’s beyond just reading the books. It’s better start speaking English with your friends.
Jamat people acquire communicating skills well, so I request them to preach in English.
First and second year guys have enough time if they realize. 8th semester guys should be efficient and fast enough, learn faster and enjoy your learning.
With preparation, I believe even some one like Sadiq* pasha can make it. And without preparation some one like Nayeemuddin** may not make it. Getting through the interview can be very easy if you wish.

* - Till 6 sem he had passed only four subjects viz., M1, M2, M3 and M4. Then he literally went mad.
** - Topper to MMC College, presently doing his PG course in London.