In the early years of engineering, students think that in interviews, hi-fi technology is asked which is very complex and difficult. So they don’t think of learning or refreshing the technical concepts keeping interview in mind. I was also one among them. But the truth is that the companies ask those technical questions which we have learnt like, what is amplifier, counter, XOR GATE, what is microprocessor, what is signal, what are pointers, data structures, what is linking, what are motors, gears etc., depending on your branch.
If they ask something else you can happily say “Sir that was not there in our syllabus”. They switch over.
The only difference between engineers and others is; we learn technical skills and others don’t. So if you want to call yourself an engineer see whether you have basic technical skills.
So right from 3rd semester you start looking back at all the subjects you have steadied and recall their basics now and then.
When you apply, you look at the pattern of interview, the area of work of the company. You can get to know on what subjects they would ask questions in interview. You can study those two, three subjects in depth, I mean in detail. You also have to just touch all the subjects superficially, esp. electives.
As I said, the questions asked by companies vary based on their type (software or hardware) and your branch.
For example, E&C students have to prepare technical in depth for hardware companies like Delphi, L&T, etc. But software companies don’t know much of electronics, So E&C students can relax a bit but you should know at least ‘C’ and puzzles.
Computer guys must prepare technically well. Usually students take their favourite subjects as DSC, Operating System, C++, etc.
For Mechanical boys technical skills are must. If they don’t know technical, they know nothing.

Mechanical – Technical = IP (Ignorant People)

So, most of your preparation time goes for studying technical aspects. Technical aspects means not advanced technology, but only the basics of subjects you studied as I said. The study should be thorough. I will list some of the technical questions asked often later.
All most all the companies ask about your project work in detail. So study everything about all your projects. It’s better if you go through advanced technology in technical magazines and business aspects of the companies.


Those who appear for software companies must at least know one computer language. If it’s C, it’s well. So I recommend all most all students to learn ‘C’ in depth by buying different ‘C’ books; Kanitkar is good writer.