This day you should keep everything ready. Your clothes, (shirt preferably plain and light, should be washed and pressed.), a pair of dark shoes, the file containing all your certificates, project reports, pen, tie etc.
These all things should be kept ready even though if you are doubtful of clearing written test because many a times, I have run around like a dog in search of clothes, files, etc and because of this thing I even was late to Infosys interview.


Imaging is the most important philosophical aspect for any success. Let me explain imaging with an example.
Do you think whenever Sachin scores a century it is only due to his game on the field? No! There is something which is responsible for it which is off the field.
One day prior to the match Sachin imagines, sitting alone. He imagines: “Tomorrow I get up at 6 ‘O Clock. I will warm myself up for an hour, have break fast, take out my kit and go to the ground at 9 ‘O Clock. At 9:30 Saurav will go for toss, he wins it and selects fielding. I will stand at covers and field every ball that comes to me. Zaheer and Srinalth ball tidy spells. I will take a flying catch, etc. In spite of that, Ponting scores 140 runs, and the team score 359 runs.
“I will open our batting. Initially I will take singles. Then I will charge McGrath. I score 50 in 15 overs. I will never go for paddle sweep, as there will be bounce for spinners. I will play aggressively. We will win and I will get man of the match award”
Then next day Sachin will just repeat his images. This is called imaging techniques. Every successful person uses this. If you use this technique your confidence grows exponentially.
So before you go to bed, lie down and start imaging in your mind. You go to the place, write test well, get short listed, give interview well, results announced, you are selected.
More the depth you imagine more the success rate grows.
I also recommend you to pray and ask the God to make you successful. Please sleep for at least 6 hours.


Get up early & scan the news headlines, which may be asked in the interview. Don’t take tension, be calm and move around a bit quicker than usual. Wish everybody, talk louder and laugh heartily. It should seem to others that you have taken the interview so easily & lightly. But inside you should be composed, confident, fresh, alert and raring to go. Just keep saying to yourself “yes I gonna call it a day today”.
Reach the centre for written test half an hour earlier.