My first written test was for Talisma. I was not shot listed. Afterwards I regret it because in interview they asked only puzzles (my favourite area) and the salary was 37k. Do you know why I did not clear the test? Because I had not carried my watch. Yes, you require a watch to manage the time. Sometimes you need to be as fast as a humming bird.
Based on my experience I have written some tactics to crack the written test. You can follow your own methods also.
If you have sufficient enough time, then you can start from the 1st question and go till last. The problem arises only when the questions are more & time is less. It’s like providing voice, data & multimedia through a narrow band.
1) After getting the paper it’s better to attend that section which looks easy to you. Many go for quantitative aptitude (numerical) questions. You can go for verbal at any time, but don’t spend much time on verbal because here you may have to guess a lot.
2) If there is –ve marking don’t guess the answers. You can guess when there is 50% chance. But I suggest don’t guess. If no –ve marks are there, tick all the questions. But beware, “some companies look at number of wrong answers too.